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After years of operations in Belarus, Europe and the world we have acquired considerable experience and expertise as well as data that we have analyzed to derive actionable insights. We offer you the essence of our Belarus focused business through our consulting services to help you gain a foothold and expand rapidly.

Why Belarus

Belarus ranks 37 th on a global scale of 190 as regards ease of doing business according to the World Bank. Belarus has simplified procedures, regulations and policies to make it easy for businesses to start operations. Several countries such as China and Russia are heavily invested in Belarus precisely for this reason and because of the immense scope of expansion. We help you to get in the front door, minimize risks and maximize opportunities through our custom business consulting.

You will find Belarus attractive due to a number of reasons

  • Belarus has direct access to EEU markets
  • Belarus lies on the trade routes between Asia and Europe
  • Belarus has a strong industrial base and a skilled workforce
  • It is a stable country with business-friendly policies

Belarus Business consultants offer you exactly the type of guidance and assistance you need to get off to a flying start. Grow your family business multifold and become an international operator with our full support. We are your perfect partners. It is our ties with business heads in Belarus, our connections with associations and our strong data analytics skills that will give you a solid foundation and start. Our consulting is analytics based rather than subjective and we present facts to help youtake the right decision, grab the right opportunity and grow fast.

Scope of consultancy

  • Scope of our consulting service covers:
  • Project derisking including identifying core business objective, analysis of risks, government engagement strategies, structuring entities and acquiring conformity local laws and regulations.
  • Commercial and financial structuring covering analysis of project, development of finance models, structuring of agreements, bankability and identification of debt sources
  • Project management covering project concept, development, engineering, procurement and execution
  • Business development covering business model, feasibility, distribution strategy, pricing and digitalisation
  • Financial advisory covering viability assessment, financing requirement, bankability, evaluation of financial health and due diligence.

Stay safe, stay sure and accelerate momentum by association with us and getting the benefit of our digital innovations backed by our human intelligence and relationships built over the years. Just talk to us to get started on the high road to global growth.


Entrepreneurial and Private Business

Bel Business Group encourages and invites businesses or individuals to join hands, benefit from its expertise and become global players. We are your gateway to Belarus. Through expert’s consultancy we will make each process easier and faster.

We have the skills, teams of experts and contacts on the ground to help you get operational without hassles, whether in Belarus, in CIS or in Europe. Our forte is to provide custom solutions tailored to suit family run businesses and entrepreneurs. You retain full control even as you establish corporate style international operations with our valuable guidance and assistance. Multiply your money manifold with our help.

Start your business in Belarus through our consultancy

Belarus is fast emerging as the perfect destination for business investments and operations due to variety of reasons.

Strategically located
Belarus enjoys a unique geographic advantage in that it is located right at the junction of Eastern and Western Europe. Our reach extends to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries with a potential market of 280 million, and EU countries with 500 million potential customers.

Direct access to Common Economic Spaces (CES) countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia
  • A telescopic business extension into CES countries gives you access to potential 182 million consumers.
  • Common customs tariff characterize these countries in the CES
  • Uniformity of costs and resources conducive for business
  • Uniform codes of technical regulation, sanitation, health and living conditions
  • Unfettered movement of goods and people across borders
  • Exemption from duties for a variety of goods including raw materials and equipment that go into capital investment projects
Low taxation
  • Investor friendly free economic zones with 0% profit on tax for years and 10% uniform VAT
  • High Tech Parks where there is 0% profit on tax for 5 years and 0% VAT
  • Industrial Parks where profit on tax is 0% for 10 years and then 50% discount for the next 10 years
  • An agglomeration of mid tier towns and rural areas where profit is taxed at 0% for 7 years.
Ease of Doing Business
  • High ranking of 63 in a list of 189 countries
  • 3 rd place rank for property registration ease
  • 15 th place rank for ease of starting business
Developed Logistics
  • Belarus transport and logistics are on par with the European counterparts, proving to be the perfect hub to connect CIS and EU.
  • 100 million tons of European cargo transported across Belarus borders per year
  • Cargo transport between Russia and EU comprises 90% of this number
  • Belarus has 2 cross European transport corridors of which No. II is the West-East Berlin- Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow Link and No IX is the North-South link connecting Russian- Finnish border to Vyborg, St Petersburg, Vitebsk, Gomel, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Greece.
  • Branch IXB connects Gomel-Minsk-Vilnius-Klaipeda-Kaliningrad
Modern Infrastructure
  • 5503 KM of railway tracks including 899 km electrified track
  • 86491 km of highway including 74838 km paved roads
  • 7502 km long gas pipeline
  • 2983 km long oil pipeline

Privatization opportunities As on date about 70% of industrial production is handled by state-owned manufacturing units with full support of Belarus aims to strengthen this structure with a layer of strategic cooperation with investors for selective privatization.

In the recent past Belarus has successfully incubated deals such as

  • Offloading government shares in Beltransgaz OJSC to private investors
  • Privatization of Mobile digital network with a joint venture

The premier institution, National Agency of Investment and Privatization, in collaboration with the World Bank, assures modern methodologies in conformity with international standards and guidelines to assist entrepreneurs who wish to be part of the Belarus privatization effort.

Talented workforce
  • Belarus has a well-educated population in which 90% have higher, secondary or basic education
  • Dedicated training systems in place
  • Dedicated industry department to encourage and assist Belarus work force to take on and succeed in various sectors such as agriculture, biotechnologies, IT and apparel.
Higher Human Development Index
  • The UN Human Development Report 2013 puts Belarus at 50 th place among 186 countries as regards living standards
  • Belarus has a well developed social fabric and infrastructure conducive to peace and comfort
  • Belarus is ethnically diverse with people from different countries coexisting in peace and harmony

Data and Analytics

One key differentiator here at Bel Business is its expertise in data and analytics. Our solutions are data based and our analytics help you to make quick and accurate decisions. Where millions are involved there is no room for second guesses or trial and error. Our analytics based consultation overcomes guesstimates and gives you precise and accurate picture of business, feasibility, viability and profitability. With analytics you can improve financial forecasts, requirements and success. With analytics you can predict outcomes in your supply chain and you can gain precious customer insights that will help you to fine-tune your strategy. And the wonder of it is that you can get decisive, actionable intelligence within minutes based on data analytics. Data analytics proves crucial for business whether it is customer side operations, supply side, future trends, financial health or fraud attempt detection in time. Attract more customers and retain existing ones with the help of our proven data analytics expertise. Create new products and new revenue streams, staying ahead of the competition with data analytics at your fingertips.


Infrastructure Development

Project de-risking

  • In-depth analysis of project risks, evaluation of agreements and steps to mitigate risk
  • Identify specifics of business core goals
  • Design and formulate policies to engage with government to manage political risk as regards state-to-state and state-to-investor risk
  • Design and implement private-public-private partnership concessions and formulate government agreements
  • Impact assessment from the perspective of labour, community, environment and social plus strategic management of ELC issues
  • Gap analysis and compliance management vis-à-vis international financial institutions
  • Gap analysis of business and human rights in the perspective of UN Guidelines

Commercial and Financial Structuring

  • Develop project structures and analyse options
  • Develop finance models and carry out project economics analysis in relation to risks
  • Develop and craft key commercial agreements
  • Risk allocation and commercial structuring of bankability with full analysis
  • Identify debt sources including financial institutions and private funders

Project Management

  • End to end consultancy aided by on the ground assistance
  • Process, engineering and procurement management
  • Management support for project execution including building, machinery, raw material, production

Bel Business Group Technology Solutions

In this digital age Bel Business focuses on technology based solutions that speed up processes, make work easier and assure successful outcomes.

Intelligence for Business Operations

AI and Machine Learning fuse together to provide exceptional intelligence for unprecedented success in business operations

Blending Innovation with Digital

Sophisticated blockchain, ML and AI combine to deliver outstanding plug and play solutions to take your business to the next level.

Smart Analytics for Simplifying Financial Process

Real time data, real time analytics, real time intelligence through smart AI powered analytics to enhance financial side of your venture


Business Deals

Leverage the power of Bel Business Group’s excellent and expert Deals Team for acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, spin-offs, strategic alliances and divestitures. We guide you on the right path to achieve success in finding funding or structuring balance sheets to improve qualitative eligibility. With our involvement your returns are maximized and optimized.


Business Development & Marketing Advisory

Sift through the chaff of confusing choices and zero in on the right decision. We structure business advisory around your goals, existing business and market conditions.

Our approach

  • Global vision
  • Local action
  • Feasibility
  • Due diligence
  • Crafting the right strategy
  • Establish distribution strategy and channels
  • Innovate in product development
  • Talent management
  • Pricing
  • Digital transformation

Financial Advisory

Bel Business Group excels in providing detailed, carefully analyzed and meticulously developed financial advisory solutions across the spectrum of business activities – from startup to acquisitions to mergers and dispute redressals.


  • Commercial viability studies
  • Project financing studies and consultancy
  • Bankable project reports
  • Evaluation and analysis of financial health