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International trade services for Timber and Forestry products

Unmatched expertise in import & export across the globe


Consult the Experts for a hassle free experience

Bel Business is the outcome of joint efforts by international business management experts, financiers and IT professionals. It is Registered under the name "LLC BelAdiodzhi Group with register Number: 193597791 in the republic of Belarus Our individual strengths complement our collective expertise in helping business gain from acquiring a foothold in Belarus. We promote, assist and catalyze international trade with emphasis on Indo-Belarus ventures.

From a small consulting organization we are now a group with footprints in several East European, West European, Asian and American countries. Bel Business Group LLC is proud to be nominated as an official partner of Union of Trade and Industry Promotion Organizations in the Republic of Belarus. It gives us recognition and standing to help our clients do business with ease in Belarus and with Belarus organizations.

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Forestry Products

Global Timber Trade

We provide professional support for exports of forestry and timber products from Belarus around the world.

We work with Bealrusian Govertment Comodity Exchange and directy own forests and Saw Mills here and Export Timber wood (Pine/Spurce/Alder trees) to India, Turkey, China, Peru (American Region) as well some domestic CIS countries.

We work hard and we are looking for long-term partners who are interested to make stable and profitable business in timber trade. We are looking for long term partners who are interested to make stable and cost effective business. Working with Bel Business Group LLC you will always be satisfied as we always keep a professional approach and give our clients priority in business.

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Other Services

Bel Business has its fingers dipped into various promising segments with possibilities of bulk and long term business.


Get into agriculture in Belarus or buy agricultural produce or even export to Belarus. We facilitate everything in this segment.


Container loads of chemicals into and out of Belarus…Expand horizons of your business in chemicals through our expert assistance.

Belarus Tractor

Your one stop source of Belarus made sturdy, durable and workhorse tractors for the agriculture industry…at a price point that will surprise you.

Information Technology

Get access to a well trained workforce, set up your IT operations here, outsource to Belarus and get European clients….we are facilitators par excellence.


Don’t know where to start? Talk with us and benefit from our consultancy. We know Belarus industry, business and government regulations like no one else

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