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Import Export

Belarus Business Group LLC is a well established business organization with its foundations in media and events and its flourishing timber trade. We import products into Belarus and we export Belarus products across the world. Should you wish to set up your import-export business in Belarus or in your home country to source Belarus and European commodities or to export to Europe, talk with us.


Our import-export service varies in scope:

  • Sourcing and supply of Belarus and European commodities
  • Imports of products to be sold in Belarus and Europe
  • Guidance on setting up your import-export channel in Belarus
  • Carrying out feasibility study for your proposed business.
  • Registration of your business in Belarus

We also import and export hazardous chemicals. Bel Business believes in empowerment, synergy and collaborative success. Join hands with us to prosper individually and to become part of the global export-import family to reach new highs in business.